Swan Social 2021

We are now sold out, if you are lucky enough to be attending please read the below guidelines.

We hope you are practising quality dance moves. Small box, big box, grapevine, pivot turn.

To ensure everyone enjoys a superb event we are sending this newsletter with guidelines, please pass to your guests.

The venue is the same as last year, the address is Wings of the Morning Field, London Road, Wrotham, TN15 7NS – look out
for Swan Social signposts, we kick off at 1pm.

If you are arriving by taxi do not ask the driver to drop you off outside the field, the driver must pull into the field. For your return journey please pre-book your taxi and please note all guests must vacate the field by 10pm.

If you are driving you must park in the field, parking is not permitted outside of the field.

We respectfully ask that you arrive in your group, whether you have booked a table or general admission tickets, please try to rock up together. That includes you Yo Yo.

All guests will have space under the marquee but you will be dancing in a FIELD, with no hard floor. Wear suitable footwear – don’t be putting on your fancy, pancy Louboutins, Guccis, or Yeezys. They will be trashed and you’ll be cross.

Come with love and peace, fisticuffs will see you ejected and don’t bring illegal items as the security teams will be carrying out pat down searches and a sniffer dog will be on paw patrol (in line with the premises licence). Anyone contravening this will be denied entry, this is non-negotiable.

The drinks are unlimited and include prosecco, white and rose wine, bottled beer, gin, vodka, soft drinks and mixers.

The kitchen team will keep you fed with a stunning BBQ menu.

The DJs will be awesome.

When you leave please depart quietly, respect all folk living within the area.

For assistance on the day please contact 07818 452762, 07809 548457 or 07526 741808